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About Me


I am a learning specialist that has worked with students with varying abilities from ages 4-21. My passion within special education lies in teaching students the power of self-advocacy. As this passion has sprouted through my career, I have gravitated towards working with middle and high school students. As a certified yoga teacher, nature lover, amateur vegetarian chef, and aspiring runner, I also encourage my students to get involved in many social activities inside and outside of school. In blending my personal and professional life, I have recently incorporated more outdoor education opportunities, a student-run coffee shop, and an inclusion-based cooking club with my students.

NGO President

While teaching in South Korea, I was introduced to an amazing group of people with a passion for supporting education in Cambodia. This eventually lead me there to volunteer and teach in 2011 and 2012. With graduate school and an international career on the horizon, I started a non-profit organization in order to continue my contributions to Cambodia from abroad. Through grassroots fundraisers around the globe, we currently support three non-profit schools and over 10 secondary and post-secondary students. 


Nature has always been the backbone of my life. Growing up camping, hiking, and playing outside with my family has kept me grounded in the fast-pace of today's world. Practicing yoga and long-distance running allows me to find gratitude even on difficult days and to look for ways to connect and help others. I'm a strong believer that the small things we do for others has a great impact on our world. The gift of travel and the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of each culture has been life's greatest gift to me ...and it luckily led me to my husband, best friend, and fellow-teacher, Nick.

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